3 Easy Steps To Install Windows Subsystem For Android – Windows 11

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    In the last article, I talked about the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL). Using WSL, one can run Linux distros on Windows. Microsoft added a new feature that is Windows subsystem for android (WSA) in Windows 11. With the help of the Windows subsystem for android, one can install and use android applications on Windows 11.

    Windows Subsystem For Android

    Right now Windows subsystem for android is only available for the Insider Preview Program users via beta channel. On top of that, this update is only available for the USA region. So users outside of the United States won’t be able to use the Windows subsystem for android feature. So in this article, I’ll tell you guys how to install and use the Windows subsystem for android on Windows 11 without any region block in straightforward steps.

    Step 1 – Download Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA)

    We cannot download the Windows subsystem for android directly from the Microsoft store even though by searching on the Microsoft store, you won’t find it. So to download the Windows subsystem for android, follow the steps given below :

    Download Windows Subsystem For Android from adguard site
    • Copy the Microsot store link of WSA from the box given below and then paste it in the url box on site after that select slow from drop down menu, then click on tick sign.
    • Scroll down and then you’ll see the list of files availabe to download. Click on the file name ending with extension .msixbundle to download . Full name of the file that you need to download is given below. The size of that file is approx 1,29 GB and it’s the last file in the list. (There may be a little change in file name if the WSA is updated by Microsoft)

    After the download is completed you can move to the second step.

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    Step 2 – Installing Windows Subsystem For Android On Windows 11

    • Now, to install WSA on Windows 11, Open Windows Terminal as admin. For that right click on Start button and then select Windows Terminal ( As Admin).
    Windows Terminal as admin to install WSA
    • Type ls to see the list of files and folders in your user directory and then navigate to the folder in which you’ve downloaded the WSA file using cd command. For example if you’ve downloaded it in Downloads folder, type cd Downloads to get inside Downloads folder.

    cd Downloads
    • Now type Add-AppPackage in your terminal and after that type ./ and then paste the whole file name of the file we’ve downloaded. Your commad will look similar to the command given below, it will start installing WSA in your Windows 11. Make sure you are in the folder in which you’ve downloaded the Windows Subsystem for Android file.

    Add-AppPackage ./MicrosoftCorporationII.WindowsSubsystemForAndroid1.7.32815.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe.Msixbundle

    If you type the command correctly you’ll see deployment in progress message on the top of your terminal. After deployment is completed, that means you’ve successfully installed Windows subsystem For Android in your Windows 11.

    Enable Virtual Machine

    If you are getting a message from Subsystem For Android to enable Virtual Machine Feature, you can enable it by typing the command given below in Windows Terminal (Make sure you are using Windows Terminal as Admin). After the Virtual machine is enabled you may need to restart your PC once.

    dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart

    Step 3 – Installing Android Applications On Windows 11

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    After you install Windows Subsystem for Android, Amazon AppStore is also automatically installed. Currently, people residing in the United States can directly download android apps from Amazon AppStore but, if you are not in the United States follow the steps given below to install android apps in Windows Subsystem For Linux.

    • Extract the zip file and then run fixer.bat file by double clicking on it. You need to run this file only once.
    • Now open Windows Subsystem for Android and then from settings turn on Developer mode.
    • Download the apk file of the android app that you want to install. You can download apk files from or you can use apk extractor to extract apk files from your android device.
    • After you’ve your apk file to install, make sure Subsystem for Android is running and then drag your apk file to installer.bat file that will be in the EasySideload folder. This will open a cmd window, and your installation process will begin. After the installation is completed cmd window will be automatically closed.
    • Now, you’ll see your insalled android app in the windows list of applications. Open your app and use your android app in your Windows 11 PC.

    pubg mobile app installed using windows subsystem for android
    Note: Make sure the apk file name is small. If it is not rename it to some small name or else you'll be not able to install it.

    Following the simple steps given below, you can easily install android apps on Windows 11.


    So this is how you can install and use Subsystem For Android on your Windows 11 PC. You’ve to go through all these steps because right now, it is not available for everyone. After it is available for everyone, you can install Subsystem For Android from Microsoft Store. Anyway, if you get stuck somewhere while installing Subsystem For Android or installing android applications, watch the video given below.

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