Windows 11 Health Check – Check If Your PC Supports Windows 11

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    Windows 11 started rolling out for supported PCs from the 5th of October 2021. You can check if your PC supports Windows 11 or not, with the help of Windows 11 Health Check (PC Health Check) by Microsoft.

    PC health check windows 11

    Check If your PC supports Windows 11 using Windows 11 Health Check ( PC Health Check )

    Follow the steps given below to see if your PC is compatible with Windows 11 :

    • Click the below button to download PC Health Check app
    • After PC Health Check is downloaded launch the setup and then install it.
    Windows 11 Health check setup
    • After the successfull installation, launch PC Health Check app and click on check now in Introducing Windows 11 section to check is your PC supports Windows 11.
    PC health check
    • You’ll see results within the app that if your PC is compatiable with Windows 11 or not.
    Windows 11 health check results

    My Results On PC Health Check

    In my case, my PC doesn’t meet Windows 11 system requirements as TPM is not available and my processor is also not supported. So this is how you can use Windows 11 Health check ( PC Health Check ) to check if your PC meets Windows 11 System requirements.

    Bypass TPM Check In Windows 11

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