What is C Language?

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    Hello! In this article, we’ll see what C language is and Why it is useful to learn it, even though there are many other programming languages.

    what is c language

    What is C language?

    Developed by Dennis Ritchie at Bell Telephone Laboratories and published in 1972, C is an international programming language. A popular general-purpose programming language, C can be used for writing operating systems, applications, and device drivers.

    C is a structured programming language, meaning we can write our programs using a set of functions and modules. There is one more type of programming language: an object-oriented programming language in which we write programs by creating objects and then using them in our program. C language only allows us to do structured programming using functions and modules. Still, if you want object-oriented programming, you can use C++, an extension of the C language.

    Why learn C Language?

    Reasons to Learn C language

    • C language is most widely used after Python.
    • C is a middle-level language that can be used for system-level programming like operating systems and also for developing games and applications.
    • C programs are faster compared to other languages, so they can also be used for competitive programming where we have memory and time limit.
    • C is also used in hacking because with C, we can manipulate things at the system level.

    Basic Hello World Program In C Language

    int main()
    printf("Hello World!");

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