Install All Hacking Termux Tools With One Click!

    Hey there friends, if you have installed termux for bug bounty or for cybersecurity research purposes. You may have found it hard to install all hacking termux tools in termux as we get in Kali Linux in which almost all the tools are pre-installed and categorized according to their use.

    install termux tools

    So to make it easy for you guys to install all tools for information gathering, web hacking, reverse engineering, etc. I present you Lazymux!

    What is Lazymux?

    Lazymux is a termux tools installer that is made for termux by Gameeye98, with the help of Lazymux one can easily install almost all termux tools that are used in the cybersecurity field without any errors in the termux application in one click!

    Install Lazymux in Termux

    Open your termux application and follow the steps given below to install Lazymuz in your Termux:

    • Install the list of packages.
    apt update
    • Install Git using apt package manager, we’ll be using git to clone the Lazymux repository from GitHub.
    apt install git -y
    • Install Python in your termux application using the command given below. Python is required to run Lazymux.
    apt install python -y
    • Clone Lazymux repository from GitHub using the command given below.
    git clone

    Install Tools With LazyMux

    Now after the Lazymux repository is cloned in your Termux application all you have to do is to get inside the Lazymux repository and run it to install tools with the help of Lazymux. For that follow the commands given below:

    • Get inside the Lazymux directory.
    cd Lazymux
    • Run Lazymux using python.
    • You’ll see the list of categories like information gathering, vulnerability analysis, etc. Enter the respective category number to get inside it. For example to get inside information gathering one needs to enter 1.
    lzmx > set_install 1
    • Now, you’ll see the list of all available termux tools in that category. Enter a respective tool number to install it. You can also specify multiple tool numbers to install at once like if I want to install tool numbers 1 and 2, I can simply enter 1 2.
    lzmx > set_install 1 2 
    • Install all tools, to simply install all tools use @.
    lzmx > set_install @

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    So this is how you can use Lazymux to install all termux tools in termux. But remember that Lazymux only installs the tools that you specify it doesn’t teach you how to use them. So you should have prior knowledge of how to use those tools. If you got some errors while installing or using lazymux watch the video given below.

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