Termux Lock – 1 Simple Script To Secure Your Termux

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    Hello friends, welcome back to another new article. In your Termux application, you must have a lot of personal data or files that you don’t want anyone to access without your permission, or simply you don’t want anyone to run some command in your Termux application without your permission. To fix it, you can lock your Termux application with some app lock. Using app lock is a good practice, but in this article, I’ll tell you a simple way to lock your Termux application with a script.

    termux lock application

    Installing and setting Up Termux Lock

    We will be using a simple script by MrAplha786 from GitHub to set fingerprint lock in termux. Requirements for setting up lock-in Termux are as follows :

    • Make sure Termux API is installed in your device from F-droid. If it’s not installed then install Termux API from F-Droid.
    • Your phone needs to have fingerprint reader.

    After you make sure you met the requirements, launch your Termux application and follow the commands given below to set up fingerprint lock in Termux.

    • Update the list of packages using apt update command.
    apt update
    • Install wget package with the help of apt package manager.
    apt install wget
    • Copy-paste the command given below to install and setup fingerprint lock.
    wget; chmod u+x setup; bash setup
    • When asked for fingerprint authentication, provide the correct fingerprint and termux lock will be set successfully.
    termux lock set successfully
    Lock set successfully

    Disabling Termux Lock

    To disable fingerprint termux lock in your termux application, get inside the directory where you have downloaded the setup file and then run that setup file using bash setup command. After that, when asked for fingerprint authentication place your fingerprint on the fingerprint reader and the termux lock will be removed.

    termux lock removed successfully
    Lock removed successfully


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    So this is how you can simply set a fingerprint lock in your Termux application and then remove it. If you have any issues while installing or removing the lock, watch the video given below.

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