Termux 403 Forbidden Error & Repository Down Or Under Maintenance Error Fixed

Termux 403 Forbidden Error & Repository Down or Under Maintenance Error fixed

Hello friends! Welcome back to another blog post about Termux. If you are getting Termux 403 Forbidden error or repository down or under maintenance, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will share a quick and straightforward way to fix these types of errors in your Termux application.

Why are you getting these type of errors ?

You may have noticed I have never recommended downloading the Termux application from PlayStore, whether it is a Termux tutorial video or a blog post.

As you can see in the image below, the Termux available in PlayStore was last updated on September 29th, 2020.

Outdated version of termux available on playstore
Outdated version of Termux available on PlayStore

For some reason, the Google Play Builds of Termux was no longer updated before I started writing and making videos about Termux. Hence, like me, you cannot get the latest version of the Termux application from PlayStore.

Because of the outdated version of Termux available on PlayStore, you may be getting errors like 403 forbidden, repository down, or under maintenance error.

So how to fix it?

Fixing Termux 403 Forbidden Error

Very simple! You can fix this issue by uninstalling an outdated Termux and downloading the official and the latest version of Termux from other sources rather than PlayStore.

You can download this application from F-Droid. It is an app store similar to PlayStore.

Termux on F-droid
  • Scroll down and download by clicking on Download Button
Download Termux

  • After downloading completes, install it
403 Forbidden Error Fixed

IT is FIXED! Now you are not going to get 403 forbidden or repository down or under maintenance error.

Important Advice

I recommend you downloading the F-Droid application from the official F-Droid site so that you can update future updates of the Termux app.

Also, install all the other Termux apps such as Termux API and Termux Styling exclusively from F-Droid.

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