Cryptocurrency Mining On Android – Is It Profitable?

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    Hello my dear friends, I welcome you to this article in which I’ll tell you if cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin mining on android is profitable? First, I’ll let you know two ways to mine cryptocurrencies in android then I’ll show you my results of mining on android devices. According to the results, we’ll conclude if mining on android is profitable or not.

    Mining On Android
    Mining on Android

    Which cryptocurrency are we going to mine ?

    We’ll be mining a cryptocurrency named Monero, a Private, decentralized cryptocurrency with the help of xmrig miner. We can mine Monero in two ways: first by installing xmrig on Termux or the second by using ReactNativeXMRig application from PlayStore. Both have their pros and cons.

    Mining On Android Pros Cons
    Mining with Xmrig in Termux Low Mining Fees Less Hashrate (as compared to ReactNativeXMRig application on the same device)
    Mining with ReactNativeXMRig application More Hashrate (as compared to mining with xmrig in Termux on the same device) High Mining Fees

    Mining on android with Termux

    Make sure you have the Termux app installed on your device, if it is not then download Termux from f-droid. After you successfully installed Termux on your device, copy-paste the command given below in your Termux terminal.

    • Update the list of packages in Termux
    apt update
    • Install required packages i.e git, build-essential and cmake.
    apt install git build-essential cmake -y
    • Clone Xmrig repository from GitHub in Termux
    git clone
    • Create build directory inside xmrig directory with mkdir command.
    mkdir xmrig/build
    • Get inside the build directory.
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    cd xmrig/build
    • Build xmirg miner with cmake.
    cmake .. -DWITH_HWLOC=OFF && make -j$(nproc)

    It will take 5-10 minutes to successfully build xmrig miner in Termux. After the build is completed, you need to place a config file named .xmrig.json in the home directory of the Termux application.

    Creating .xmrig.json config file

    Creating config file - mining on android
    • Then click on add pool and select any pool you want. I would recommend you to select pool.
    select pool - mining on android
    • After that enter your monero wallet address. If you want you can also enter the worker name, it will come handy if you are mining in multiple devices wth same wallet address.
    enter wallet address
    • In Backends section make sure CPU is enabled for mining.
    make sure mining with cpu is enabled
    • In Misc section, you can specify how much precentage will be donated as mining fee. You can specify value from 1-99 %.
    specify how much you want to donate - mining on android
    • At last get to Result section, and copy the all the code of config file.
    config file created

    • Now, switch back to termux and make sure you are in home directory. If you are not in home directory, type the command given below to get back to home directory.
    • Make sure nano text editor is installed, if it is not type the command given below to install nano text editor.
    apt install nano -y
    • Type the command given below to create a config file for mining on android.
    nano .xmrig.json
    • Now paste the code you’ve copied in this file and save it by Ctrl + O , then hit enter.
    • Now we are ready to start mining on android. Type the command given below to start mining.
    Successfully mining on android
    Mining Started On Android

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    My Results : I tested this on my Poco F1 with SD 845. I got average of 450 h/s while mining with termux and in 7 hours of mining I was able of mine 0.000075 Monero that equals to 0.0179 USD (At the time I'm writing this article)

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    Mining on android with ReactNativeXMRig

    Well, to start mining on android with Termux is a lengthy process, but with ReactNativeXmrig, you start mining on android in seconds, and here’s how :

    • First install XMRig applicaton from playstore.

    Click here to download ReactNativeXMrig from PlayStore

    • As show in image below, after opening the application. You’ll be in wallet section here you need to provide your wallet address.
    ReactNativeXMRig wallet
    • From miner section you can start mining by click on start button, but when the first time start mining you need to click on re-benchmark button. After the benchmarking is completed mining proccess will be automatically started.
    ReactNativeXMRig miner
    • From settings section, you can set how many threads to you while mining. When I was mining with 6 threads, I was getting 800-900 H/s
    ReactNativeXMRig  - settings thread

    Mining Fees

    In this ReactNativeXMRig, there was a reward system like if you keep mining, the mining fee will be reduced. In the beginning mining fee will be 19 percent, then the mining fee will continue to be lowered slowly as you keep mining through this application till 4% fee. But now, a few days ago, there was an update, and the reward system is removed. Now the developer of ReactNativeXMRig says the mining fee is fixed that is 3%, so maybe now using this ReactNativeXMRig application can be a better choice than using Termux for mining.

    Is Mining On Android Profitable ?

    Well, in short, it’s not! MINING ON ANDROID IS NOT PROFITABLE. If you are getting a pretty good amount of hashes like more than 500 h/s with low power consumption. There can be a profit of 10-20 USD yearly. But to get more than 500 h/s, you’ll need a decent device, so using an average of 150 USD worth of device to get a yearly profit of approx 20 dollars is not worth it. Cause your phone’s life will be decreased too because of mining.

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    Tip : You can visit to calculate if mining is profitable for you or not. Just select the cryptocurrency then enter speed, power consumption and power cost. For me If I mine Monero with 800 h/s , I'll get yearly profit of 16.42 dollars.

    But yeah, you can try and mine for a few hours or days to know how cryptocurrencies work. If you are thinking of mining on android to make a good amount of profit, I’m afraid to say that maybe it’s not possible.

    What do you think about mining on android? Is it profitable for you? Let me know in the comments. If you are stuck somewhere while following the steps mentioned above, I suggest you watch the YouTube video below.

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