Microsoft’s Major Changes In Windows 11

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    A few days ago Windows 11 version was leaked. There are a lot of changes made by Microsoft in Windows 11. In this article I’ll share some of the Microsoft’s major changes in Windows 11.

    Major Changes In Windows 11
    Windows 11
    Start Menu & Tiles

    Unlike Windows 10 or any other older version in which, the Start Menu is on left side of the screen. In Windows 11 this has changed, by default instead of opening the start menu on left side of screen. It opens in the center and the start icon is the left icon on the list of small icons on taskbar. Also, the windows icon is flat and symmetrical as compared to angled Windows icon in Windows 10.

    Windows 11 Start Menu
    Windows 11 Start Menu

    Although this is the major change in Windows 11 you have the option to send the start menu to left side of the screen and for the live tiles, there are no live tiles.

    Icons & Rounded Windows

    Corners in Windows 11 are rounded. It may seem small change having the rounded corners but it completely changes the way Windows11 looks. Icons are also changed in Windows 11, icons in Windows 11 looks so simplistic.

    Taskbar , Search & Cortana

    In Windows 10, search bar took so much space in taskbar. Now, there is no search bar. Instead of that, there is new icon for search. By clicking on it search bar will appear. There is a lot of free space on taskbar now. From my view this new taskbar looks much more better than the old one.

    Windows 11 Taskbar
    Windows 11 Taskbar

    Cortana has also been removed from taskbar. Now you have to manually launch Cortana app.

    Windows Snap

    Windows snap – an ability to organize windows in a way that it can be snapped to each side or even each corner of the screen. In Windows 11 now there are 6 ways to create a group of windows. This takes the multitasking to higher level.

    Windows 11 Snap

    This can be done by hovering your cursor to maximize button that is at upper right hand corner of window.

    System Sounds & Widgets

    Microsoft has made some changes in system sounds too. Like now the are different sound for error messages, notification or when connecting USB’s and more. Widgets, last seen in Windows Vista are now back in Windows 11. You can access widgets from taskbar.

    Windows 11 Widgets

    So these were some major changes that are made in Windows 11. Remember all this changes are seen in leaked version, so maybe at the time of actual release we can see some more changes or maybe not.

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