Easily Install Kali Linux On Windows (VirtualBox) 2022

    Installing Kali Linux on Windows is so simple using a virtual box. In a previous article, I told you guys about installing Linux machines on windows using Windows Subsystem for Linux. But there are some limitations in the Linux machine that you have installed using WSL. So in this article, I’ll tell you guys how to install Kali Linux on Windows using VirtualBox.

    kali linux on windows

    What is VirtualBox ?

    VirtualBox is open-source software that is available for free. You can use VirtualBox for virtualizing the x86 computer architecture. In simple words, you can use VirtualBox to create Virtual Machines (VMs) in which you can run other operating systems. VirtualBox can be installed on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

    Installing VirtualBox

    To Install Virtual Box first, you need to download the VirtualBox installer, and then you need to install it. Follow the steps given below to install VirtualBox on Windows PC.

    • Click on Windows hosts to start downloading VirtualBox for Windows PC.
    downloading virtual box for kali on windows

    • After the setup is downloaded run it and then install it.

    Downloading Kali Linux VirtualBox Image

    Now that we’ve installed VirtualBox in our system it’s time to download the Kali Linux image for installing it in VirtualBox.

    • Click here to visit the official Kali Linux download page.

    • Since we are installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox click on the Recommended button in the Virtual Machines block.
    downloading kali linux virtual image

    • After that select your architecture 32 or 64 bit and then click on the download button of the VirtualBox block to start downloading Kali Linux Virtual Box Image.
    downloading kali linux virtual image

    Make sure to click the download button of VirtualBox block. If you want you can also click on the torrent button to download the Kali Linux Virtual Machine image using the torrent service.

    Installing Kali Linux On Windows With VirtaulBox

    After you finish downloading the Kali Linux Virtual Image double click on it to start installing Kali Linux in VirtualBox.

    Now in this Import Virtual Appliance section, you can change anything you want like the Name by double-clicking on it and from Machine Folder you can select where you want this machine to be installed.

    kali linux appliance

    After you are done making changes, simply click on the import button to start importing the kali linux virtual machine.

    kali linux on windows

    Click on Agree button to agree to software license agreement.

    kali linux on windows virtual machine

    Now your importing has started this will take a few minutes to complete and after this is completed you would’ve successfully installed the kali linux virtual machine on windows.

    instaling kali linux on windows

    After the importing is completed you’ll see your kali linux virtual machine, simply click on the start button to power on your kali linux virtual machine.

    kali linux virtual machine virtualbox
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    You can see the default username and password for your kali linux in the description section of your kali linux machine. The username is kali and the password is also kali.

    username for kali on windows

    So after your kali linux machine has booted up enter kali as username and password and then click on the login button to login into your kali linux virtual machine. (If you want to change the username and password later or simply create a new user using useradd command and then delete this kali user if you are concerned about the security.)

    kali on windows

    Here is your Kali Linux on windows!


    So this is how you can simply install virtual machine kali linux on windows with ease. All you have to do is to download the virtual box and then the kali linux virtual machine image. After that install the virtual box and then import the kali linux virtual image. If you get stuck somewhere or you are having any issues while installing kali linux on windows then feel free to watch the video given below 🙂

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