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Step-By-Step Guide To Install WordPress Locally On Windows PC


Installing local WordPress on windows is beneficial for both who are learning WordPress or have WordPress sites. In this article, I’ll tell you an easy step-by-step guide on how to install WordPress locally on Windows PC or Laptop

install WordPress locally on windows

Reason For Installing WordPress Locally

Whether you have a WordPress site or you are learning WordPress, you should have WordPress locally installed on your Windows PC or laptop. So that you can use the local environment to create or test sites. Almost all site owners have set up a local environment of WordPress to test and try different features on their site and then they make changes to their live site if it is working properly. Local WordPress environment can also be beneficial to those who are new to WordPress so that they can learn WordPress on Windows without spending any dime on a hosting server or a domain. So how to install WordPress locally on Windows?

Steps To Install WordPress Locally On Windows

Follow the steps given below to install WordPress locally on your Windows PC or Laptop without any issues. These steps are the same for all Windows Version, whether it be Windows 7, Windows 10, or Windows 11.

Step 1 – Setting Up A Local Server

First, we need to set up a local server in our Windows PC to install WordPress locally. To set up a local server we are going to use the XAMPP server from Bitnami. Click Here To Download XAMPP server.

After the XAMPP is downloaded launch it and install the XAMPP server like any other software. Don’t change any options or setting just keep clicking the Next button until the setup is completed.

After you successfully install the XAMPP server you can move to the next step.

Step 2 – Installing WordPress Locally

In this step, we are going to download the WordPress zip file and then install WordPress using the zip file that we’ve downloaded.

Visit wordpress.org/download, scroll down and click on the download WordPress button to download the latest version of WordPress zip.

After you’ve successfully downloaded the zip file extract it to C:\xampp\htdocs to successfully install WordPress.

Step 3 – Creating Database For WordPress

Now that we’ve extracted the WordPress zip file, we need to create a database for our WordPress site. So for that follow the steps given below:

  • Open XAMPP control panel and then start Apache and MySQL module by clicking on Start buttons on respective rows of Apache and MySQL module.
  • Now, in MySQL row click on Admin button or click here to visit admin page of MySQL database.
  • You’ll be visited to phpmyadmin page. Here click on Databases to create a database for our wordpress site.

  • In create database section write a database name and then click on create. You can write any name you want, but as we are creating database for our WordPress site I’ll name create a database named wordpress.
  • We’ve created a database for our WordPress site successfully, now lets setup our local wordpress site.

Step 4 – Setting Up Local WordPress Site

  • Open new tab in your browser and then visit localhost/wordpress to start setting up your wordpress site and then select the language that you want to use and click on Continue.
Note: If you have changed the name of the folder after unzipping it in htdcos folder, make sure you use localhost/<your_folder_name> to start setting up your wordpress site.
  • Click on Let’s go to start connecting our database to our wordpress site.

  • Now in database name section, write the name of the databse that you created. In my case it is wordpress. In username type root and leave password section blank. Leave other fields as it is and click on Submit button.
  • Now that we’ve successfully connected our WordPress site to the database, click on Run installation to start setting up wordpress site.

  • Now provide all the info about your wordpress site like site title, username and password to login into wordpress site. After you’ve entered all the information click on install wordpres button to successfully install wordpress locally on windows.

  • You’ll see success message that means you’ve successfully installed wordpress. Now, click on login button to login in your wordpress site.
  • Enter the wordpress username and password that you specified while installing wordpress and then click on login button.

  • Here is your WordPress site successfully installed on windows.

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So this is how you can install WordPress on windows locally if you are tucked somewhere during the installation process or anywhere make sure to watch the video given below.

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