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    Hello, friends welcome back to another new article, In this article, I’ll tell you guys how it’s easy to gather information about an Instagram account on an android device with the help of the Termux application and a small python script. For gathering information about Instagram termux we’ll be using osi.ig tool by th3unkn0n.

    information gathering instagram termux

    What is Termux ?

    Termux is an terminal emulator that bring linux command line experience to users of android. To know more about termux click here.

    Installing OSI.IG Tool In Termux

    As I said earlier that we’ll be using osi.ig tool to gather information about Instagram in our termux application. So for that first, we need to install osi.ig tool in Termux. Follow the commands given below to install osi.ig:

    • Update the list of packages using apt update command.
    apt update
    • Install git and python using apt install git python command.
    apt install git python
    • Clone osi.ig tool in termux from GitHub using git clone command.
    git clone
    • Get inside osi.ig directory uisng cd command.
    cd osi.ig
    • Install all the required python modules for osi.ig tool uisng pip install command.
    pip install -r requirements.txt

    That’s it now we are ready to use osi.ig tool to extract information about an instagram account directly in terminal.

    Using OSI.IG Tool Instagram Termux

    To see basic details about an account of instagram termux type python -u <username> . Make sure to replace username with the username of the user that you want to search and also make sure you are in osi.ig directory.

    python -u <username>
    python -u amanbytes #example
    user search in osi ig tool

    As you can see from the above image we got information about an Instagram account like username, user id, followers, bio, profile image url, etc.

    Now to know details about the post that was posted from an specific Instagram account type python -u <username> -p .

    python -u <username> -p
    python -u amanbytes -p
    instagram termux osi,ig user search
    Userpost search using osi.ig tool

    As from the above image you can see that the script has returned information about posts like post typename, id, shortcode, dimensions, image url, etc.

    Tool-X In Termux


    So this is how you can use the osi.ig tool Instagram termux to print the details about an Instagram account directly in your terminal. Tools like osi.ig is very important for information gathering and in the same way you can install this osi,ig tool in linux too. If you are stuck somewhere while installing this tool in termux you can watch the following video.

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    1. Report issues at

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      osi.ig storage
      ~ $ pip install
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      WARNING: There was an error checking the latest version of pip.
      ~ $

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