How To Scan QR Code On Smartphone?

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    In this article, I’ll tell you step-by-step guide on how to scan QR code on smartphone whether it is Android or IOS.

    how to scan qr code on smartphone

    What is QR Code ?

    QR codes that is quick response codes are 2D version of barcode. They are made up of black and white pixel patterns. These codes hold much more data than barcodes and one can access it faster than barcodes. QR codes are mostly used for directing their scanners to URL but QR codes can also be used to open some application like YouTube or call someone. There are so many uses of QR codes but how to scan them with your smartphones ?

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    How to scan QR codes on smartphones ?

    It is so easy, you can just open your camera and scan QR code. Your phone’s camera automatically detects that you are trying to scan QR code and it will ask you to open the link or whatever that QR code is directing. If you can’t scan, there maybe some option that you need to enable in your camera application to scan QR codes. Like in Samsung Bixby vision must be enabled in you camera to scan QR codes.

    You can also download QR code scanners form PlayStore or AppStore to scan QR codes. I would recommend you to use Google Lens that comes pre-installed in most of smartphones. You can use it to scan QR codes.

    If the QR code is in your phone, like a screenshot of QR code. You can use Google lens to scan the QR code. Simply open Google Lens and click on image button that is on left side of the shutter button and select your image that contains QR code.


    So this is how you can scan QR code on smartphone. I highly recommend you to use Google Lens.

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