How To Install Tool X In Termux Easily ? 370 Plus Amazing Hacking Tools

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    Hello friends, welcome back to another new really useful article about Termux. In this article I’ll tell you how to install Tool X in Termux that contains more than 370 hacking tools.

    how to install tool x in termux
    Install Tool X In Termux
    Disclaimer : This article is only for education purpose. Don't use the tools mentioned in this article for any Illegal purpose.

    What Is Tool X ?

    Tool X is a tool made for Termux and other Linux distributions. Developer of this tool is rajkumardusad. It contains more than 370 tools. With the help of Tool X , one can install all the available tools in Termux very easily.

    How To Install Tool X In Termux ?

    Installing Tool X in Termux is very straight forward. Just follow the commands given below to install Tool X in Termux application.

    • Launch Termux application.
    • Update the list of packages of your Termux using apt update command.
    apt update
    • Install git package with apt install git command. We are going to use git to clone Tool X repository from GitHub to our local storage.
    apt install git
    • Clone Tool X in Termux application using git clone.
    git clone

    • Get inside Tool-X directory
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    cd Tool-X
    • Run install file from Tool-X directory.
    bash install
    • Installation process for Tool X will take few minutes to finish. After it is completed you’ll see a message in your Terminal. That message is a disclaimer from Tool X developers, you can see it in the image below. Type ‘Y‘ to accept it.
    Install Tool X In Termux
    Tool X Installation

    • Congrats, you’ve successfully installed Tool X in Termux application. Now you can launch Tool X in Termux terminal by typing Tool-X command.
    Tool X Installed Successfully In Termux
    Tool X Successfully Installed

    Installing Tools With Tool-X

    Now that you’ve installed Tool X in your Termux, How to use Tool X in Termux ? How to install tools from Tool X ?

    Installing tools from Tool X is very simple. First you need to launch Tool X using Tool-X command.

    Tool X in termux with 377 tools
    Tool X With 377 Tools

    As show in image above, you have to enter respective numbers for the available options. Like if you want to see all tools, you need to enter 1; for Tools category enter number 2.

    So let’s see all tools by entering 1 in terminal.

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    This is the list of tools available for you to install. To install any tool, you have to just enter the respective number in your terminal. For example zip tool is on 374 number. (Even though zip is not a hacking tool then also it is listed in Tool X) So to install zip I need to enter number 374 in my Termux terminal.

    List of tools of tool x in termux
    List Of Tools Of Tool X

    After you enter the number of the respective tool you want to install. The installation process will automatically begin. After the installation process is completed, a message about installation is completed will be displayed in terminal as shown in image below.

    Installing Tools With Tool X In Termux
    Tool X Tool Installed Successfully

    So this is how you can navigate through tools and install those available tools in your Termux application with the help of Tool X.

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    Note : Sometimes, Tool X fails to install package and displays installation failed message in terminal. If this type of error is happening to you, make sure to check your internet connectivity and then restart your Termux. After restarting lauch Tool X and install that tool again.


    If you follow the steps mentioned above correctly, you will be able to install Tool X in Termux very easily. Keep in mind, that Tool X just installs the tool you specify in your Termux. It doesn’t teach you how to use those tools , so if you don’t know how to use the tools you install, it useless. Also, in some cases Tool X just clones the repository from GitHub of the tool you specify. So in that case you may need to install that tool manually.

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