How To Install Ngrok In Termux Without Any Error

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    Hey there friends, welcome back to another blog post. In this blog post, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to install Ngrok in Termux without any error.

    how to install ngrok in termux
    How to install Ngrok in Termux ?

    How To Install Ngrok In Termux ?

    Downloading Ngrok

    • To install Ngrok in Termux first we need to download it in our Termux. Visit Ngrok site by clicking here.
    • Sign up with a Google account or GitHub account or any other email id
    • After that, from Download ngrok section. Copy the link of Linux (ARM) or Linux (ARM 64) according to your device architecture.
    • To know your device architecture open your termux and type uname -m
    • This command will show your device architecture. If you’ll see aarch64 then copy the link of Linux (ARM 64) and if you see aarch32 then copy the linux of Linux (ARM).
    • After copying the link, open your Termux

    Install Ngrok In Termux

    • After launching Termux, type the command below to update the list of packages
    apt update
    • Install unzip and wget package
    apt install unzip wget
    • To download ngrok in your termux, type wget and then paste the link that you copied from ngrok website. For aarch 64 device, command will be same as the below command.
    • Unzip the zip file that you have downloaded. By typing unzip and then the zip file name that you have just downloaded
    • After unzipping, You’ll see ngrok file. If it is not executable, make it executable by the following command.
    chmod +x ngrok
    • Now, visit your ngrok account page and in dashboard page you’ll see your auth token. Copy it and paste it in termux. You can also copy the whole command that is mentioned there or just your auth token. It will look like the command given below.
    ./ngrok authtoken <YOUR AUTH TOKEN>
    • You’ve successfully setup ngrok. You can type the command given below to see all the arguments that you can use with ngrok.
    ./ngrok -help

    Using Ngrok

    You can use ngrok to create a secure tunnel. For example, to create an HTTP tunnel on port 8080. Type the following command.

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    ./ngrok http 8080

    Fix Reconnecting Error

    You maybe be experiencing issues while creating a tunnel. That it is not going online, it is just showing reconnecting. To fix this, first, close it and turn on your device hotspot and try creating a tunnel again. This time it will be online in few seconds.


    So this is how you can install ngrok in termux very easily. If you are stuck somewhere, you can watch my video about it.

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