How To Install John The Ripper In Termux (Without Root ) Easily

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    Hey friends, In the last article, I told you guys about John The Ripper. It is a tool that can crack passwords very quickly since a lot of my subscribers use Termux. In this article, I’ll tell you how to install John The Ripper in Termux.

    how to install john the ripper in termux
    John The Ripper In Termux

    We can’t directly install and use John The Ripper in Termux. First, we need to install a Linux distro in our Termux. After that, we’ll install John The Ripper in that Linux distro. When I’m writing this article on the internet, no one has explained how to install and use John The Ripper in Termux correctly. The videos or articles that are currently out there do not work. So your search stops here, install and use John in your Termux with the steps given below.

    How To Install John The Ripper In Termux

    First, we need to install a Linux distro in Termux, and after that, we can begin the installation of john the ripper in Termux.

    Install Linux Distro

    You must install a Linux distro in Termux to install and run John the ripper in Termux. Any Linux distro will work but, I’ll install ubuntu. Follow the commands given below to set up ubuntu for installing John The Ripper completely.

    • Update the list of packages in your Termux
    apt update
    • Type termux-setup-storage to give storage permission to your Termux application.
    • Install proot- distro package in Termux by apt install proot-distro
    apt install proot-distro
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    • After installation is completed, we can see the list of supported Linux distributions and their status by proot-distro list command.
    proot-distro list
    how to install john the ripper in termux - distro list
    • From the list in above image you can install any distro you want. In this article we’ll install Ubuntu 21.04 for our John The Ripper.

    • To install a distro type proot-distro install and the alias name of distro you want to install. For ubuntu 21.04 it will be proot-distro install ubuntu-21.04 . This command will download and install Ubuntu 21.04 in your Termux.
    proot-distro install ubuntu-21.04
    • After Ubuntu is installed, launch Ubuntu by proot-distro login ubuntu-21.04 .
    proot-distro login ubuntu-21.04
    • Now instead of only $ sign you’ll see [email protected] . It means your Ubuntu is now running.
    how to install john the ripper in termux -  ubuntu running
    • Type apt update to update the list of packages in Ubuntu.
    apt update
    • Create a folder named ‘Ubuntu‘ in your internal storage using any file explorer. We will be accessing this folder in Ubuntu.

    • Now switch back to termux and make sure Ubuntu is running. You’ll see [email protected] if it is running.
    • Type the below command to link the Ubuntu folder that we created earlier to our Ubuntu system in Termux.
    ln -s /data/data/com.termux/files/home/storage/shared/Ubuntu
    • Now, you’ll see Ubuntu folder in your Ubuntu system by typing ls. We can see our Ubuntu folder in Ubuntu system. You can place any file in that folder and access it in this Ubuntu system.
    ubuntu folder in ubuntu

    Install John The Ripper In Termux

    • Install recommended packages in Ubuntu that is installed in Termux. Using the command below.
    apt install git build-essential libssl-dev zlib1g-dev yasm pkg-config libgmp-dev libpcap-dev libbz2-dev
    • Clone John The Ripper from GitHub using the command below.
    git clone
    • Change working directory to john/src .
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    cd john/src
    • In this directory you’ll see so many files. Just type ./configure to configure john the ripper in your system. It will take about 5-10 minutes to complete.

    • After it is completed, execute the command give below.
    make -s clean && make -sj4
    • Completed, you’ve successfully installed John The Ripper in your Termux.

    Crack Password of Zip File With John The Ripper In Termux

    • Now, that you’ve installed John The Ripper . To crack any password protected file, place that file in Ubuntu folder in your internal storage. To show you guys, I placed password protected zip file named .

    • In Ubuntu system, that is installed in Termux. Change working directory to john/run .
    cd john/run
    • First we need to extract hash from the zip file. For the type the command given below, just change the file name to your own file name.
    ./zip2john /root/Ubuntu/ > /root/Ubuntu/hash.txt

    Above command will extract hash password from the zip file and save it to the Ubuntu folder as hash.txt

    • Pass hash.txt file to john to find password of that zip file.
    ./john --format=zip /root/Ubuntu/hash.txt
    zip file password cracked using john the ripper

    It will take time according to the strength of the password. After finding the correct password, john will print it in the terminal. Password for was 1234, so john cracked it in few seconds. Password and the file name get printed in yellow colour.

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    Learn How To Use John The Ripper


    By following the steps mentioned above, you can install and use john the ripper in Termux. If you don’t know how to use john the ripper click here to read more about it . If you get stuck somewhere while following these steps, watch my YouTube video about it.

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