How To Create Deepfake In Phone In Few Simple Steps

    create deepfake videos in phone

    On the web, you must’ve seen a large amount of deepfake videos, and at some point, you must’ve thought, how to create deepfake in phone or desktop?

    There are many programs that create deep fake videos. However, to run them mostly you need a PC or Laptop. If you don’t have one then this blog post is for you.

    During this blog post, I’ll explain how you’ll be able to create deep fake videos using just your Phone.

    What is Deepfake ?

    Deepfakes are counterfeit or altered media, that are created by means of deep learning. Like in deep fake videos original person in the video is replaced by some other person, in a way that it looks real.

    How To Create DeepFake Videos In Phone ?

    Creating deep fake videos is not rocket science, there are so many applications on AppStore or PlayStore that claim to create deep fake videos. However, those applications can’t do much more. They have some prebuilt templates that you can use or for advanced features, you need to pay them. Some of those applications have heaps of ads too.

    Therefore, I’m not going to share any application with you that can create deep fake videos. Instead of that, I’ll share a popular python program named first_order_model which can create deep fake videos.

    But this program can only run on the desktop, I’ve found a way to run this program on the Phone. You can run this program using Google colab that allows you to write and execute python programs in a browser.

    Click on the link below to open a jupyter notebook in Google colab created by AwaleSajil

    Follow these simple steps to create Deepfake videos

    • After clicking on the link above, you’ll be redirected to this page
    deepfake in phone

    • Here in first cell, there is checkpoint section. You can select any of the checkpoint, vox-cpk or vox-adv-cpk
    deepfake in phone
    deepfake in phone

    • Select it and click on play button of the first cell to run it
    deepfake in phone
    • If you’ll get warning that this notebook is loaded from github, Click on Run Anyway button
    deepfake in phone

    • Wait for few minutes to complete it
    • After it is completed click on the next cell i.e Test Deepfake with source image and Driving video. By executing this cell you can test how this program will create deep fakes.
    • Select any source image from sample data. I’ll select Elon Musk
    • Then select any driving video. I’ll select Obama
    • After you are done, you can now run this cell to see results.
    • After it is completed you can see the deepfake video in the same cell

    • So this is how you can create deepfake videos but these were sample images and videos.

    Creating Deepfakes With Your Own Data

    • To create a Deepfake video of your own data. You’ll need a video and the image of the person that you want to replace in video.
    • For example I’m going to select image of Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark and replace it to Elon Musk’s speech video
    • To do this you need to upload your files in this Notebook. To upload your files click on the three lines at the top-left of your screen
    • Then select the third option that is Show File Browser

    • Click on Upload button and upload both video and image for creating deepfake. For me it is Robert.jpg and Elonmusk.mp4
    • Copy path of the image by selecting it and clicking on 3 dots and select copy path option. Then paste it in source image section

    • Do same for the video copy the path of video and paste it in driving video section.
    • Now run Deepfake with your own data cell.

    • Again, after it is completed you can see the deepfaked video in the same cell

    Downloading Deepfaked Video

    • To download the deepfaked video, open file browser and there will be a file named yourdeekfake.mp4 or temp1_yourdeepfake2.mp4
    • Click three dots and select Download button.


    In this way, you can create deep fakes in the phone but to create another one make sure you delete all the files that were created while creating the previous deep fake.

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    Another simple way to do this is to click on the three lines at the top-left of your screen, Scroll down and select Factory reset runtime this will delete all the things changed in this notebook by you. After that, you can run cells from the beginning and create another deep fake.

    If you are not satisfied with the result, you can select another checkpoint or use video and images with good lighting.

    So this is how you can create deep fakes without paying anything or watching ads in some app. I hope you’ve found this useful.

    You can also watch my video about this

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