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    In this article, we’ll see how to install fsociety in termux application. So ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the termux application and follow the steps below.

    fsociety in termux

    What is fsociety?

    fsociety is a penetration testing framework that can be used in ethical hacking. It has every script that any hacker needs and runs on Python2 and Python3. We’ll be seeing about the fsociety version that runs on Python3.

    Install fsociety in termux

    Make sure to download and install termux from f-droid and then follow the commands:

    Update the list of packages and also upgrade the upgradable packages too.

    apt update && apt upgrade -y

    Install Pyton3 using the apt package manager.

    apt install python

    We can install fsociety using pip, a package manager for python packages. So type the command given below to install fsociety using pip.

    pip install fsociety
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    That’s it!! After this above command finishes, fsociety will be successfully installed in the termux application. Simply type fsociety in your termux to launch it.

    Using fsociety in termux

    Type fsociety in your termux to launch it, and then to go to any category or to use any tool, simply type the name of that category or that tool. After you select any tool by typing the name of that tool, first that tool will be downloaded and installed in your termux, and after that, the tool will be automatically launched.


    This is how you can install fsociety in termux application. Watch the video below if you got any error while installing or using fsociety.

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