5 Easy Ways To Fix Parsing Problem In Android

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    “There was a problem while parsing the package” , if you are getting this parsing problem message while installing some application in your android device, then this article is for you. In this article, I’ll talk about parsing problem and how to fix there was a problem parsing the package.

    5 easy ways to fix parsing problem

    What causes parsing problem the package ?

    Unlike iOS, in Android we can install third party applications in our phone. But while installing some application, you may get Parse error, there was a problem parsing the package. If you got this error don’t worry, this is quite usual error in android devices.

    problem parsing package

    Parsing problem is mainly caused by following reasons :

    • Corrupted apk file : Maybe the file you downloaded is corrupted.
    • Incomplete download : If you try install an apk file that is partially downloaded, then it can cause problem parsing too.
    • Manifested or moded app : If the application you are trying to install is incorrectly moded or manifested by someone, then it can also cause parsing problem while installing.
    • Incompatible with OS : Maybe the app you are trying to install, is not compatible with the version of your android device.
    • Architecture incompatibility : Mostly chipsets in android devices are 32 bit and 64 bit. If you try to install 64 bit application, in 32 bit android device. You’ll surely get parsing problem.

    So these were some reasons that can cause parsing problem. Now, how to fix parsing problem.

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    How to fix there was a problem parsing the package ?

    Completely download the apk file

    Make sure you completely download the apk file. If you are not sure that it is not downloaded completely, download it again.

    Enable Installation from Unknow Sources

    Go to your phone’s settings and enable installation from unknow sources, this can also solve the parsing problem.

    Enable USB debugging

    Sometimes enabling USB debugging can also solve, there was a problem parsing the package. You can try it out.

    Get into your phone’s settings , then about phone and click on your build number few time. After that developer options in your phone will be turned on. Navigate to developer options turn it on and then turn on USB debugging too. Mostly it is in debugging section of developer options.

    fix parsing problem - become a developer
    fix parsing problem - enable usb debugging
    Disable Antivirus
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    Sometimes any antivirus installed on your phone can also cause problem while installing third party applications. So try disabling antivirus and then install that application.

    Clear Cache of Playstore & Disable Play Protect

    For some device’s clearing cache of Google PlayStore and disabling Play Protect in PlayStore works too. So you can also clearing cache and disabling play protect , It may work for you too.

    Download apk file from official source and correct version

    Try to download apk file from the official source, this will reduce the chances of you downloading corrupted apk file. Find you android version, like it is 32 bit or 64 bit. If your device is 32 bit then, download 32 bit version of the application. Cause 64 bit version of any application can’t be installed on 32 bit device.

    Modify the apk file

    If all the methods given above doesn’t works then the last option for you is to manually modify the apk file. Download apk editor from apkpure site.

    Click here to download apk editor

    • After you’ve successfully installed it in your device. Launch it
    • First option will be to ‘Select an APK File’ . Click on it, and select the apk file that gives you there was a problem while parsing the package error and then select Common Edit.
    apk editor to modify application
    apt editor select common edit
    • Here you can change the version, or install location. After you’ve finished making changes, save it by clicking on save button and then try to install the modified apk.
    modify apk using apk editor
    change install location


    So these were some reasons and steps to solve parsing problem. It is mostly because of the wrong version you’ve downloaded, so make sure you download the right version of the application for your android device.

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