Top 8 CalyxOS Facts You Should Know About (CalyxOS)

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    There are many alternatives of Android like Ubuntu Touch & Lineage OS. CalyxOS is also the alternative of Google’s Android operating system. So what makes CalyxOS different from Google’s Android?


    In this article I’ll tell you top 8 important features to know about CalyxOS.

    Top 8 CalyxOS Facts You Should Know About (CalyxOS)

    CalyxOS is an Android mobile operating system that puts privacy and security into the hands of everyday users.


    CalyxOS is de-googled that means CalyxOS does not rely on google services to function. It does not store any of your data like your search history in google’s cloud or report your location to google unlike Android.

    It does not have any preinstalled google apps like Youtube, Gmail, Playstore, etc.

    Encrypted Calls

    Calls on CalyxOS are always encrypted and it is warns users while making and reciving unencrypted calls. It has built-in integration for Signal and Whatsapp encrypted calls.

    Secure Appstore

    Since CalyOS is de-googled it does not have Google’s PlayStore for you to install applications. Instead of PlayStore it has F-droid and Aurora Store. So that one can install applications without being tracked by google.

    F-droid is way more secure than PlayStore and does not track users by installation. All the apps available on F-droid is open sorce and you don’t need a account to download and install apps from F-Droid.

    Secure Backup

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    CalyxOS provides a way to securely backup all of your apps. Once you configure backup from settings, you can back up your files on Nextcloud or to a USB drive.

    The functionality of Nextcloud is same as Google Drive or DropBox. But Nextcloud is open source, anyone can install and use it on their own servers. Client side encryption feature protects all of the backed up data in CalyxOS.

    Privacy Of Sensitive Numbers

    If you call helpline numbers like domestic voilence, child abuse, sucide hotlines. The helpline numbers are not recorded in call log and you can access helpline numbers from Helplines Dialer Entry available in CalyxOS.

    Full Control On Network

    CalyxOS gives you full control over your network. Datura Firewall in it gives it’s users full control over network access for all apps. Tethered network devices can also use phone’s VPN and Tor.

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    Security Of Device

    There is automated over the air security montly in this OS. Unlike Android OS in which we rarely get security updates. It also blocks unknow USB devices to prevent any bad usb to do some shady stuffs in your device like stealing your data.

    Browse Securely

    Instead of Chrome being default browser, it has DuckDuckGo browser as default browser and instead Google being default search engine, it has DuckDuckGo as default search engine.

    This make browsing secure because search history are not recorded anywhere and trackers are blocked too. You can also use tor for advance security.

    So these were some awesome features in this OS. This OS focuses mainly on privacy and security of user. So if you are are concerned about your privacy, switching to CalyxOS will be beneficial for you.

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    1. Sounds great. People should also know that using a de-googled phone means that some favorite apps from the Play Store will not work, even though they can be downloaded by proxy through the Aurora Store. Some work on my phone, and some don’t. For those that don’t I found equivalents in other apps. For those that don’t have an equivalent, it often works just to visit a website in the browser rather than installing an app. Banking apps are the most finicky because of their security concerns. They don’t like seeing anything other than standard Google Android.

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