C Program Structure

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    The C program structure is so simple. A basic C program can have only a mandatory main function, which will work. In detail, let’s see the C program structure with a hello world C program.

    c program structure

    Hello World C Program

    int main()
        printf("Hello World");   

    C Program Structure

    The C program above prints hello world in the terminal, consisting of the main function and one operation in the main function.

    int main() //this is the main function
        printf("Hello World'); //operation in the main function

    Above the main function, we have the line #include<stdio.h> , this line is called the document section because we include a header file from the C program library.

    We can use // in C programs for a single line comment and /* */ for the multiline comments.

    // this is the example of single line comment
        This is the example of multiline comment, these
        comments are ignored by compiler.

    Note that: Only the main function is mandatory in any C program all others are optional. If you don’t have a main function in your C program, it won’t compile.

    Look at the image below to have a good look at the structure of the C Program.

    structure of c program
    Structure of C program
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