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  • Create Payload In Termux – Metasploit

    In one of my blog posts, I’ve shown you how to install Metasploit in the termux application. So can we use Metasploit in termux to create payload in termux? So the answer is yes! We can …

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  • Payload, Exploit And Vulnerability Explained

    Payload, Exploit & Vulnerability. You must’ve heard these three words a lot of times in cybersecurity. So what do these three words payload, exploit, and vulnerability mean? To understand these three words listen to this short …

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  • Easily Install bWAPP in Linux For Web Hacking!

    One cannot directly attack live sites or live web applications to practice web hacking without proper permissions. So to practice web hacking skills/web penetration skills we need something where we can practice web hacking skills without …

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  • Install All Hacking Termux Tools With One Click!

    Hey there friends, if you have installed termux for bug bounty or for cybersecurity research purposes. You may have found it hard to install all hacking termux tools in termux as we get in Kali Linux …

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  • Selenium Python WhatsApp Automation Made Easy

    Do you want to automate your WhatsApp messages to annoy your friends or just for fun or to learn selenium python? If yes then this article is for you in this article, I’ll show you how …

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