Add Permanent Banner In Termux

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    Hello friends and welcome back to another new blog post. In this blog post, I’ll explain how you can add a permanent banner to your Termux?

    Permanent Banner In Terrux

    Installing Git

    First, we need to install Git. The GitHub repository, I’m going to use is Termux-Banner by Bhai4You. It is an important initial step, so please make sure you have git installed in your Termux. If you already have Git, you can skip this step. If you have not installed it, you can follow these simple commands for installing Git.

    • Updates the list and upgrades available packages
    apt update && apt upgrade
    • Installs git package
    apt install git

    Downloading and setting up banner

    • Now that we’ve installed git, clone Termux-Banner repository in your Termux.
    git clone

    Change working directory to Termux-Banner

    cd Termux-Banner

    Install all required packages for banner


    Set up banner

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    While setting up the banner, you will be asked to create your banner and cowsay name. You can type any name you want. That’s it! You’ve successfully set up your banner. Now, just restart the application. You should see a banner that looks similar to the image below.

    banner in termux

    Removing banner

    If you want to remove this banner for any reason, you can remove it by following these simple commands below.

    • Locate your Temux-Banner directory and change your working directory to Termux-Banner
    cd Temrux-Banner
    • Run file

    When you type the above command, it will run After you have completed it, restart the application. The banner should disappear.


    By copy-pasting the commands mentioned above, you can set a permanent banner in the Termux application. If you have followed those steps, but still can not see the banner, Customizers, like ohmyzsh, may be the cause. So, if you can’t see the banner after setting it up, you should remove any customization you have used in your application. Once you remove the customizer, you should be able to see this banner.

    I’ve also made a video about how to add a permanent banner in Termux. Please feel free to check it out. It may help if you run into some issues.

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